1st Day on the slopes January 05 2015, 0 Comments

Well, I finally managed to get a day on the mountain today! Blinking cold but good fun none the less....... 

Collected my day pass at 08:30 and walked straight on to the Gondola although i heard that later on it was quite busy. Headed straight to the top as we all do ;) and once i managed to defrost my nasal hair I was off on my new plank and in all honesty she rides beautifully....... OK, OK i know you want to know about the piste and not my lovely new board!

Plato was icy early on but softened up later, the old strip where the old drag lift ran was great and had about 6cm of soft stuff on top, Blue 5 again rode very well for most of the day as was the run down to the Mostra lift (known also as the secret chair). Only issues of the day were Blue 10 which had not been pisted and had a couple of rocks showing with moguls from yesterday and the last part of Red 4 running into Shilligarnika which was closed :(

The afternoon showed how tight the run back to the Gondola station can be with many learners (yes some were in Jeans as well) not really prepared or capable of handling themselves causing issues for others!

So all in all a good day with great weather and majority of pistes riding OK but, we will be in need of some more snow soon as cannons can only do so much and those bear/icy patches are slowly starting to creep through.

More soon.............

;) BTI