Bansko winter update and big news for 2015 December 28 2014, 0 Comments

So now the season is officially upon us and tourists are now arriving by the coach load (still think a few less than last year but maybe that is just me!) 

Good news is the municipal office had their last meeting of 2014 on Christmas eve with some important decisions being made for the winter season and big plans for 2015! We have summarised below and promise more blog posts will follow through the winter so keep an eye on our site and or drop us an email: :)

24th December 2014:

New decisions concerning the regulation of activities for Bar and club touts on the territory of Bansko Municipality have been made. The regulation set requirements for uniforms and all outlets should register them in municipal administration Bansko. These changes are aimed at improving the control over their activities and reduce the incidence of unethical attitude towards guests of the resort!

Further information released about the services performed to date for construction works on the project "Rehabilitation of water supply and sewerage network of the town. Bansko and WWTP" of representatives of the contractor, company representatives, executing technical assistance for the project, as well as Deputy Mayor Stoycho Banenski.

Councilors approved the new management of forest areas owned by the Municipality of Bansko in relation to requirements for the management of municipal forests under the Forest Act. In this connection, will start production of Forestry plan in early 2015.

Local taxes and costs will be reviewed for 2015 but no exact details on costs have been disclosed at this time.

The council voted unanimously for the implementation of two new music festival in Bansko, which will be held in the summer of 2015:

"La Boheme Bansko Fest" is a festival of Balkan music, which will attract the stage names of popular and authentic Balkan music. Another music festival is named "Bansko beat" and will be held at the city football stadium. This brand new event will be attracted performers from different styles & will be contemporary in their style (pop, art rock, ethno musicians, R & B), one of the festival evenings will focus on the concert of a world-class performer. 

More details will follow and we will keep you posted wherever possible!